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Women of Color to Helm AF3IRM’s CenterShift II Conference: Full Schedule Revealed

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Tel:  (917) 3970989

New York:   An astonishing array of women luminaries will be at the helm of AF3IRM’s CenterShift Conference on October 21st – a vivid image of the diversity of color, cultures, experience and perspective in the women’s struggle for liberation.

Two principal main features will anchor the day’s discourse.  After the Conference is formally convened by AF3IRM Chair Ivy Quicho, union organizer and activist for women’s rights, the morning session will center around the panel, “Constellations of History,” featuring the following presenters:

  • Claudia de la Cruz, Dominican American, founder of Da Urban Butterflies, co-host and producer of Telesur English’s Ñ Don’t Stop;
  • Nayoung Kim, Korean, legal scholar focusing on feminist jurisprudence, activist
  • Muriel Miguel, Kuna and Rappahannock Nations, founder of Spiderwoman Theater
  • Raissa Robles, Filipina, journalist and foreign correspondent, book author
  • Farah Tanis, black American, founder of Black Women’s Blueprint, activist and organizer for women’s human rights

The panel will be moderated by immediate past AF3IRM Chair Jollene Levid, also a union organizer and an activist since her teen years.

The second feature is an annotated performance by Pura Fe, Tuscarora Nation musician.  This will anchor the afternoon session.  Apart from being a great artist, Pura Fe is also an environmental activist, joining at one time Winona La Duke’s two-day tour against oil and fracking.

The conference will also feature afternoon workshops on such topics as Migration, Marriage & Divorce,  Building Solidarity Across Borders,  Gender and Revolution and other issues germane to our times. View the full schedule on the AF3IRM website.

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A sliding scale registration fee is requested of participants.  Registration can be done here:  http://bit.ly/af3rr17.  Contact centershift@af3irm.org with additional questions.  Group rates for three or more registrants are available.  —  ###


Spiderwoman Theatre Founder Joins AF3IRM CenterShift II Panel “Constellations of History”

Media Contact:  nynj@af3irm.org
Tel:  (917) 397-0989

NEW YORK– A most brilliant star will bring her light to AF3IRM’s CenterShift Conference II:  Roots & Routes on the 21st of October:  Muriel Miguel of the Kuna and  Rappahannouk American Indian Nation and a Guggenheim Awardee, who founded the longest-running American Indian theater group and wrote, for its very first show, the play Women In Violence.

Raised in the tradition of medicine shows, Ms. Miguel is a force unto herself, bringing issues affecting women of the native American nations and First Nations to public consciousness and conscience via a series of performances which has earned her both awe, respect and love.  She headed  the Aboriginal Dance Program  at the  Banff Center for seven years and to this time continues to facilitate Storyweaving workshops in the US, Canada and Europe.

She will bring to the “Constellations of History” panel the unique perspective of a woman who has had to distill raw collective experience into an artform  of resistance.

The panel  is described by Joan Ariete, co-coordinator of AF3IRM NYC, as “a chorale of voices, different in pitch, range and tone, but harmonizing to add to the song of resistance women have been composing since the advent of class society – not only for their liberation as a political class but for the liberation of humanity as a whole.”

CenterShift II: Roots and Routes

The “Roots & Routes” theme of the Conference is meant to look the foundational ideas of U.S. feminism, the continuing relationship of U.S. women’s struggle in the U.S.A. with the ideas, values and women of native American nations, and the contributory streams of ideas and perspectives from women coming from different cultures and nations of the world.  Out of this discourse, AF3IRM hopes, will come a new way forward for women of the U.S.A., especially women of color, to continue and strengthen resistance at a time when neo-fascism is rising.

The panel will be followed with an annotated performance by Pura Fe, the great musician and composer of the Tuscarora Nation, who flies in from Saskatchewan to join the AF3IRM transnational sisterhood.

CenterShift is in reference to AF3IRM’s mandate to shift from the margins to the center the concerns of women usually ignored by political discourse.

The all-day conference will be held at the Centre for Social Innovation, 601 est 26th Street, Rm. 325, New York, NY 10001.  A sliding-scale registration fee is requested of participants.  Please register here: https: //bit.ly/af3rr17.  For additional questions, please email centershift@af3irm.org    —  ###