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Forward to a Feminist Future!

At the AF3IRM 2016 National Congress, we evaluated our role as transnational feminists, anti-imperialists situated in the United States. We discussed the need for a heightened strategy against right-wing/neo-fascist ideologies and the importance of developing our own theories to analyze new conditions. The chapters identified intersecting issues impacting  our locales and the need to build deeper in our communities. We committed to strategizing  beyond solutions that merely aim to reduce, rather than eliminate harm, in order to build a world free of violence and hate. It is imperative that while we recognize the nuances of our oppression … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM Presents: Ending Anti-Blackness in Our Communities of Color/Strategizing for Liberation

TRANSNATIONAL/WOMEN OF COLOR FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER: AF3IRM Los Angeles humbly, with the blessing of Black Lives Matter LA, invites all people of color, especially our women-identified sisters of color, to an educational discussion on how to address and ABOLISH anti-black racism in our communities. As allies/accomplices/co-conspirators to Black Lives Matter, we are asking community to come to the table to 1) have an open discussion on how we can end anti-black racism in our communities and 2) to strategize ways that we can center black liberation as part of our political programs. We want to honor black leadership as … Continue Reading ››

May Day 2016: Demand a New World of Our Making

The women of AF3IRM salute all workers around the world this May Day! In a time of deep subjugation and exploitation as we witness the genocide of womankind in all its forms across borders, we come together on International Workers' Day to not only continue to repeat what we all know – that this capitalist patriarchal system is constructed to fail us, especially transnational/women of color – but to also push forward what it means to have our work truly valued and to work with dignity. We know that capitalism will never bring about collective liberation and that … Continue Reading ››

Rise Up Against the Missed and Missing (in) Education – We Seek Liberation, Not Assimilation!

For Immediate Release Contact: Barbra Ramos, National Communications Director af3irm@af3irm.org | 323-813-4272 Rise Up Against the Missed and Missing (in) Education - We Seek Liberation, Not Assimilation! AF3IRM Joins the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence NATIONAL--November 25th begins the international campaign for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. AF3IRM, in solidarity with women and allies the world over, recognize all too well the violence inflicted upon women, from the streets to the home, and this year we join others to raise awareness around gender-based violence and education. Time and time again, we witness … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM NYC Summer School Combines Theory and Practice

NEW YORK:     The pervasive phenomenon of the “vanishment” of women and their achievement from history will frame the first session of AF3IRM NYC’s 2015 Summer School of Women’s Activism.  The discussion will be led by Ninotchka Rosca and Justine Calma, with input from a guest presenter.   The SSOWA begins on July 11, Saturday,  through three more Saturday sessions.   It is designed to enable participants to view women’s history and women’s struggle holistically.    Those interested can register at www.ssowa2015.eventbrite.com.

There is a registration fee of $40 for professional women;  $35 for students and low-income;  $80 … Continue Reading ››