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AF3IRM: Women Must Defeat the Resurgence of Dictatorships and Their Legacy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Ninotchka Rosca, AF3IRM NY/NJ Jollene Levid, AF3IRM National Chair | chair@af3irm.org

NATIONAL--We, the women of AF3IRM, recognize that the dismal fate of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, who characterized her impeachment as president of the country as “a political death penalty,” is an apt omen of what women will suffer under the rude, crude and deadly politics of right-wing toxic masculinity. Even before Ms. Rousseff was formally thrown out of office, the new leadership of recycled corrupt politicians already downgraded institutions relevant to women and installed a practically all-male ruling elite. We should not be surprised by the sheer prowess of right-wing … Continue Reading ››