AF3IRM representatives from 9 different cities converged in Los Angeles for National Leadership Institute

Members from across the country converged in LA this past weekend to study, assess, rectify, plan, and strengthen. We are entering our 29th year of struggle invigorated, inspired, more determined, even more militant 🔥Misogynist, fascist, racist pigs - you have officially been warned. #AF3IRM #AntiImperialist #TransnationalFeminist #ONWARD
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AF3IRM in New Mexico!

AF3IRM on Day 2 of their Basic Women’s Orientation in New Mexico! Thanks to the women of New Mexico for hosting and exchanging knowledge. We had such a fruitful dialogue, modeling what sisterhood looks like in practice. Stay tuned!
#MilitantSisterhood #af3irm #af3irmnewmexico #Feminism #TransnationalFeminism #NewMexico
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Philippine President Downgrades Rape from Crime to Compliment

NEW YORK CITY In the wake of rising numbers of increasing criminality in the world today, exacerbated by an undercurrent of competition over resources, women’s vulnerability has intensified.  Of no help in ameliorating the continuing femicide are misogynist pronouncements from the world’s predominantly male leadership which has turned a consistently blind eye to the epidemic of violence against … Continue Reading ››

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