Philippine journalist Raissa Robles joins Oct 21st Centershift Conference

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NEW YORK—Practicing journalism in a country ranked second in the number of media people assassinated and which still holds the record for the most media persons killed in a single event is a challenge the likes of which few experience. However, Raissa Robles, who reports both on her own website and for newspapers like the South China Morning Post, death threats and vilification are but a daily fare. She recently came out with the book Marcos Martial Law: Never Again in which she called the imposition of the one-man-rule on the Philippines “a one-stop butcher shop for human rights violations.”

Ms. Robles will bring her more than two decades of experience in defying and surviving neo-fascism to AF3IRM’s Center Shift Conference, joining the panel “Constellations of History”, and adding her wisdom to the paths women must take in this era of intensifying suppression.

Ms. Robles has been writing about the Philippine government and its presidents since the 1980s, first as a writer of history and later, as a media person covering presidential decisions and actuations. Recently, she has taken on the government of Rodrigo Duterte, now famous for its claimed “war on drugs” which has resulted in some 13,000 people killed. The “war” is still on-going and has spurred its own politics – from attempts to dismantle the country’s Commission on Human Rights, threats to declare martial law once again and the latest, an on-going campaign to enact auto-golpe – i.e., replace the Constitution with one that would enable sitting officials to extend their terms of office.

Into this highly charged political atmosphere, Ms. Robles’s book Never Again was released, becoming a best seller virtually overnight. Although the book is about the long-ousted Marcos Dictatorship, it was released just as the Duterte Regime was about to approve a hero’s burial for the dead dictator. A limited number of copies will be available at the Conference and Ms. Robles will be available to sign them for buyers.

The AF3IRM CenterShift Conference II: Roots and Routes is held every third year. It brings together as many diverse histories and perspectives of the global women’s struggle as the organization can manage. It aims to bring forward a holistic understanding of the women’s movement which is often unremarked in the world today. The main plenary panel is of five women representing points of view acknowledged even in the US women’s movement and is an expression of AF3IRM’S commitment to transnational sisterhood and feminism.

The Conference will also feature the Tuscarora singer and musician, Pura Fe, who continuously brings eight generations of tribal music to the cause of environmentalism and the fight against oil and fracking.

CenterShift will take place at the Center for Social Innovation, 601 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001 and starts at 9 am. Registration can be done via EventBrite.Com at For additional inquiries, please contact [email protected] . — ##


NEW YORK–The panel “Constellations of History” at the CenterShift II Conference: Roots and Routes will feature as one of the presenters Nayoung Kim, activist of Korean ancestry, who is based in Chicago.  Ms. Kim holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Anthropology from Yonsei University of the Republic of Korea, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

She will speak on the strategies and tactics deployed by the women of South Korea toward the advancement of women’s liberation via  such movements as the Comfort Women struggle, Japan and US colonization, the struggle against dictatorship and fascism, the resistance to sexual exploitation and the recent explosion of women’s liberation politics in South Korea.

Ms. Kim exemplifies the fierce young feminists who were forged in the post-war rise of South Korea as an Asian tiger economy.  As a student, Ms. Kim worked for the Korea Women’s Hotline as reporter and legal researcher and she carried that dedication when she moved to Michigan for further law studies.

In Michigan, she was involved in a variety of institutions serving women in distress – from the Safe House Center which provided crisis intervention to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence; to the University of Michigan Human Trafficking Clinic where, as a student attorney, she helped provide legal services to survivors of labor and sex trafficking;  to the Family Law Project, Legal Services of South Central Michigan which gave legal aid to low-income survivors of domestic violence.

Ms. Kim was also a research assistant for the world-renowned Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon, helping in feminist jurisprudence.

She continues volunteer work both in the United States and in Korea, crossing the globe to maintain her roots while charting new routes for her growth as a feminist and in the field of law.

The “Constellations of History” Panel at the CenterShift Conference II:  Roots and Routes explores the historical achievements of women within five cultures, the strategies and tactics they employed in dismantling interlocking systems of oppression and exploitation, and how these can work for in our current situation.   The panel will be moderated by former AF3IRM Chairperson Jollene Levid.

AF3IRM NYC organizes the CenterShift Conference every third year, bringing together diverse histories, perspectives and histories from a variety of cultures around the year.  The objective is to understand differences and appreciate commonalities in the global women’s movement for liberational theory-building, practice and struggle.

CenterShift Conference II will feature the music and culture of the Tuscarora American Indian Nation, through the great artistry of Pura Fe, singer and musician, herself an activist for the environment against oil and fracking.

The whole day conference will be on October 21st at the Centre for Social Innovation in Manhattan, New York City.  A small scaled registration fee is asked of the participants.  Space is limited so early registration is requested.  Reserve your space now at

For further information, please visit, AF3IRM’s website or the FB event page at  Queries can also be directed to AF3IRM’s New York chapter at  [email protected] or  by calling  917-397-0989   — ##


Tuscarora Music Legacy at AF3IRM October Conference

NEW YORK–The legacy of eight generations of Tuscarora Indian Nation music will resound at the October 21st Center-Shift Conference of AF3IRM, an organization of transnational women, with the participation of Pura Fe, renowned singer, composer and lap key guitarist.

Ms. Pura Fe’s music was once conferred by the Academie Charlos Gros of France with the “Best Global Album” award and she was named best female artist by the Native American Music Award.  Her most recent composition was the song for the Idle No More Movement, the First Nations movement which has gone global in its scope and influence.

Ms. Fe combines artistry with advocacy for rights of native Americans and indigenous peoples.  In 2014, she was part of the Honor The Earth; Love Water Not Oil tour with Winona LaDuke to stop the Enbridge Expansion and tar sands and fracking pipelines.

She will present an annotated performance at the AF3IRM’s Center-Shift II:  Roots and Routes, contributing both her artistry and her wisdom toward a new direction for the women’s movement.  Though raised in New York City, where she was involved with the American Indian Community Center, Ms. Fe will join the Conference from Saskatchewan, Canada, where she has been residing recently.

Ms. Fe’s lifework dovetails into AF3IRM’s current concerns regarding the foundational ideas of US feminism.  “The entire purpose of my life is the regeneration of traditional music, clothing, instruments and other ‘art forms’ in a contemporary tribal world.  The traditional then becomes the contemporary and the cycle merely continues,” she explained in an interview.

The Roots and Routes gathering will be the second of AF3IRM’s “harvest of ideas, strategies and tactics” toward a shifting of the concerns of the women’s movement and the centering of the needs and visions of women of color.  Held only every two years, the October 21st Conference will be a whole day affair, starting at 9 am and lasting to late afternoon.  Plenary sessions are held in the morning while six workshops will fill the afternoon.

The Conference will be held at the Center for Social Innovation, 601 West 26th Street Suite #325, New York NY 10001 (cross-street 11th Avenue).

A sliding registration fee is asked of those who wish to participate.  Registration is online at   The registration fee includes a digital copy of papers and minutes of the workshop discussion, as well as resolutions.  Lunch will also be available for those on full registration fees.   For further information, please contact [email protected].  —  ###

On the 45th Anniversary of the Marcos Dictatorship in the Philippines, We Remain Opposed to Auto-Golpe, Authoritarianism and Neo-Fascism

21 September 2017
New York

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has maintained, throughout the first year of his term, a revision of Philippine history toward the rehabilitation of the memory of the ousted late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, and his clan and cronies.

Having accepted campaign funds from the Marcos clan and cronies, he has wholeheartedly embraced his subservience to the oligarchy that laid waste both the Philippine economy and Filipino lives.

He has had the skeleton of the dictator buried in the Cemetery of Heroes, labeled the son Bongbong Marcos, though defeated in the last elections, “possibly the country’s vice-president,” proclaimed Marcos’ birthday a holiday in his home province and has now declared the 21st of September a national holiday.

He has moreover continued to mimic his dead tyrant-idol through wholescale destruction of the check-and-balance agencies in governance, defunded the Commission on Human Rights, jailed a proclaimed and sworn-in senator on the contrived evidence of photographs and degraded her with a claimed sex video which was non-existent, pushed to have the Philippine Constitution changed to federalism which would enable him to stay in power until 2025, and freed those charged with corruption and used convicted drug lords’ testimony, fake news, trolls and click farms to demonize the opposition.

More, Duterte unleashed a supposed “war on drugs” which was actually a massacre of the poor and the hapless, 13,000 + dead, while those accused of being drug lords were handled with kid gloves and eventually exonerated. This war on the poor morphed the entire Philippine National Police into an assassins’ guild, with quotas for nightly kills, irrespective of guilt or innocence.

And to further imitate his tyrant-idol, Duterte occasioned the most serious armed conflict in Mindanao, with the Muslim city of Marawi reduced to rubble and thousands of refugees continuing a perilous existence in evacuation centers where 39 have died from disease.

This is our response: As we opposed the Marcos Dictatorship through all the two decades of its murderous rampage and rapacious looting, so shall we oppose Duterte’s ambition to channel his dead tyrant-idol and destroy all the democratic processes in the archipelago. Overseas Filipinos have worked under the most stringent conditions to re-establish a bright possibility for the archipelago, accepting some of the most demeaning jobs in the world in order to remit financial resources to enable their families to survive and thrive. We oppose any attempt to nullify this nearly 50 years of sacrifice of those exported overseas to pull Philippine economy up from where it had been trashed by the Marcos clan and cronies, and to restore wealth to the Philippine treasury so looted by the same oligarchy.

As we have and continue to call for justice against malfeasance of the Marcos clan and cronies, so we call for justice against the Duterte Regime for a) murder of 13,000; b) exacerbation of armed conflict; c) enabling the theft of Philippine territory and resources; d) destruction of the democratic procedures fought for and won against the Marcos Dictatorship.




To sign or endorse this statement, please go here.

AF3IRM: Fight for DACA and Beyond!

On Tuesday, September 5th, the current presidential administration signaled the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy. AF3IRM, along with other organizations and community groups, have spoken out against this, as well as this administration’s continued attacks on immigrant rights and the xenophobic and white nationalist agenda it espouses.  As transnational/women of color, AF3IRM knows that liberation for im/migrants means more than DACA – and we will continue to fight to end the criminalization of im/migrants and against detention centers, borders, unjust citizenship and immigration policies, and other forms of state violence that have been used to terrorize im/migrants, indigenous and native peoples, and people of color. AF3IRM has been organizing and participating in demonstrations and rallies across the country, including the DefendDACA March in Oakland and the Defend DACA March and Rally in Los Angeles. Versions of the following speeches were delivered at the Defend DACA March and Rally in Los Angeles on September 10th, which was co-lead by AF3IRM. 

AF3IRM SF Bay Area at Defend DACA in Oakland



My name is Ivy and I am the National Chairperson of AF3IRM, a transnational feminist, anti imperialist organization of women of color, with a 28 year history of grassroots organizing.

We are here today because this war against us has been waged long before Trump- it began when women became the first form of property, it was when class society was set-up, it was when our peoples were first colonized, it was when free trade agreements were passed and imperialism boomed and forced us to migrate out of our countries of origin in the first place…  the only difference is that our society has now reached this fascist state where our enemies have become more overt in their vision to bleach this country white, to purify it with only Christians, and to lead it as rich, corporate, misogynist, men… but we are here to remind these fascists, the KKK, the alt right… that after centuries of attempts, and thousands of years later, we are STILL HERE and we are NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

We in AF3IRM know that this ongoing war has a woman’s face. It is no coincidence that we transnational, im/migrant women are the majority of immigrants imported between and among countries; that we are the most vulnerable to detentions and deportations, particularly our trans Latina sisters who are unable to find jobs due to discrimination and live off of less than $10,000 a year, as we often work in the informal economy as caregivers, garment workers, street vendors; that we are transnational mothers caring for our family members in several countries and are often separated from our children; that we are those who are sexually assaulted, raped, and trafficked/prostituted during our journey, once we arrive, and when we are detained; that we are the majority of low wage workers; that we are the fastest rising population of mass incarceration; that we are the fastest rising population of homeless people, are quite literally being killed off or disappeared whether it be our Muslim sisters such as Nabra Hassanen, or our THOUSANDS of indigenous women such as Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, or the 64,000 missing/murdered Black women such as the murder of black trans woman, Kiwi Herring by St Louis police. And now, they are attacking our babies, our immigrant youth, because they are the future generation of people whom these bigots want obliterated.

But we in AF3IRM know that they INTENTIONALLY target us women, youth, and people of color for one reason, and one reason alone– because we are powerful.

We stand here today on the shoulders of women past and present from the women fighters who resisted the first colonizers, to the women who continue to resist and organize women’s strikes in the Texas and Pennsylvania detention centers. Sisters- they may try detain us, to deport our people, to oppress our communities, to hunt us down… but they will never, ever kill the revolutionary spirit of women!  

We have been here before- they tried to get rid of us with the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, with Operation Wetback in 1954, with HR 4437 in 2006, and Arizona’s S.B. 1070 in 2010, but what they fail to realize is that their oppressive immigration policies have only fueled our rage and strengthened our determination.

My community we are here because not only will we survive again, and again, and again… we will TOPPLE DOWN Trump and his cronies, we will DISMANTLE this entire government that was never set-up for us… and WE WILL BUILD A NEW SOCIETY!!  

  • We in AF3IRM do NOT want to live in a world where policies like DACA are even needed– we want to look beyond DACA and other reforms, many of which have been men-centric, and defend ALL immigrants including those who didn’t go to college, those who may have made mistakes in their lives, those who have been deported, and those currently detained such as our trans Latina sisters; we want to shut down detentions centers; and we want to build a world where we live freely without fear and violence and with dignity as PEOPLE.
  • We do NOT just want to be able to stay here to work, to keep our “economy booming”, an economy that is dependent on the exploitation of our bodies whether for labor or sex, so that the rich can just continue to get richer– we want to eliminate the global assembly line and build a world where we do not live to survive, but we live to thrive.
  • We do NOT just want citizenship for all, we want an END TO BORDERS, an END TO NATION STATES, an END TO CORPORATE IMPERIAL POWERS — all of which only exist to divide and accumulate power and profit for the few.

My community, let us UNITE, let us FIGHT like we’ve never fought before, and let us TRANSFORM our dreams of freedom, into realities of liberation!  

We in AF3IRM say a woman’s place it not in the home, it is not in the kitchen, it is not in the bedroom… a woman’s place is here in the STREETS at the HEAD of this struggle for the liberation of all humanity!


My name is Alma and I am a member of AF3IRM LA, a transnational feminist, anti-imperialist organization.

I am a woman, I am a mother, and I am undocumented.  I came to the U.S. when I was 6 years old (not too long ago just 27 years ago!)  I have experienced the pain of family separation due to deportations; I have gone through the fear of not coming home to my family, children, and to my community.  I had lived in the shadows for 15 years. I have experienced Depression, anxiety, anger and pain due to my immigration status.  

In 2005, my older brother was deported.  I did not have the tools to help him and to organize for him.  His deportation broke my family apart.  He was deported to our home state Guerrero, where drug cartels and violence have now taken over.  There is not one day that my mother doesn’t cry for him. I don’t want more families to go through the pain that my family went through and that is why I decided to organize and fight against this deportation machine! In 2011, when 4 activist and I went inside the Metropolitan Detention Center as an act of civil disobedience to protest against 287g secure communities, one of the officers that was guarding told us that ICE did not want to deport us, that instead ICE wants to deport our family members or the people who do not speak English and don’t know their rights or how to organize.

And he was right, the most vulnerable in this inhumane immigration problem is not us, it is our brothers and sisters who don’t hold a college degree, those who never had a DACA status.  Some of them have worked hard for us to have AB540, for us to have the CA Dream Act, and for us to even have DACA.

Now it is our duty to stand up, to rise once again, to make the changes that we want to see! Today, we must not forget the major problems that this inhumane immigration system brings to our undocumented immigrant community.  We must stand and demand to stop the mass deportations that are occurring as we speak, we must demand to stop the killings of our undocumented transgender sisters, and we must stand with our Undocumented non-Latino brothers and sisters.  We are more than a temporary program, we are more powerful than them so don’t sit and wait for a solution, don’t let your energy end here. Today we must rise up and organize!  It’s time to demand dignity and respect for all!

So now, let me ask you:  When immigrant rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back! When transgender rights are under attack, what do we do?  Stand up, fight back! When refugees rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back! When women’s rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!


a transnational feminist organization