Comunicado De Af3irm Para El Segundo Encuentro Zapatista De Mujeres Que Luchan En Chiapas, México | Diciembre del 2019

AF3IRM was invited to join the Segundo Encuentro Internacional de Mujeres Que Luchan and joined on December 27, 2019, some 4000 women from 42 countries at the plateau of el Caracol de Morelia, Altamirano, Chiapas, Mexico, to engage in the discourse of women engaged in various struggles within their cultures and territories.

AF3IRM brought its message of affirmation for the physical … Continue Reading ››

Decolonize Your “Sex Work” Stance: An open letter to 2020 candidates

Dear 2020 Presidential Candidates:

We respectfully write to you as an organization of ordinary women frustrated with the incursions of capitalism into our neighborhoods and intimate relationships. We have seen the pressure mounting on you to take a stance on prostitution — one of the most devastating issues for Native and immigrant women. We appreciate … Continue Reading ››

Ending Entitlement to Female and Feminized Bodies is Central to Women’s Liberation

AF3IRM Purple Rose Campaign and AF3IRM International Department
Contact: Connie Huynh
[email protected]

We of AF3IRM, a multi-ethnic organization of primarily women of color engaged in transnational feminism, view with extreme alarm the on-going disinformation regarding the sex trade.  One of the most grievous of such disinformation is that pimps, traffickers, recruiters, brothel keepers, and those … Continue Reading ››

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