Launched in February 2017, AF3IRM DMV is the chapter representing the Nation’s capital. Our organizing includes Maryland and Northern Virginia which is commonly known as the D.M.V. for DC, MD and VA. Our formation is right on time given Donald Trump’s election has unleashed (nationalized white male capitalist patriarchy see bell hooks) OR (the specter of fascism over the nation).

The cities and counties within our jurisdiction that are designating themselves safe for undocumented immigrants aka “sanctuary cities” are Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Montgomery County and Prince Georgia’s in Maryland Arlington and Chesterfield Counties in Virginia.

Our plan of action builds on the burgeoning resistance of communities under attack by the Trump administration and will take full advantage of DC’s only second black female mayor’s promise at the Woman’s March to combat social and economic injustices directed at women and marginalized communities within her jurisdiction.

Our first event, “Love in the Era of Trump” held in February was an intimate and impactful conversation. We are building on the energy of that dialogue by turning it into action by collecting resource to address the mental health needs raised by the sisters in attendance.

AF3IRM DMV cultivated its first political action by joining the Women Worker’s Rising rally in front of the Department of Labor and marching in honor of International Women’s Day.

In spite of the boom in gentrification that is pricing out low income residents, DC is still a majority black city. Maryland is a major destination for both authorized and unauthorized immigrants and 45.3% of immigrants to Maryland reside in Montgomery County, the highest percentage in the state. Virginia has the ninth-largest immigrant population in the U.S., with 11 percent of the state’s population being foreign-born.

Our projects will include a campaign on missing women and girls of color in the District of Columbia, a social investigation into the impact of the Trump administration’s policy on undocumented women and girls in Montgomery County and coalition building with campaigns against street harassment and rape culture in the D.M.V. Additional goals include creating a podcast and a book club to promote conscious raising and outreach for genuine women’s liberation.

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