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 AF3IRM and Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – Sisters Rise up for Justice! OPBSI Raise $10K for AF3IRM at 5th Annual Ray of Hope Walk, Partner for Purple Rose Day

For Immediate Release Contact: Anayeli Gomez, Director of Philanthropy 2017, Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Barbra Ramos, National Communications Director, AF3IRM NEW YORK--On this Valentine’s Day 2017, Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is excited to announce $10,000 was raised for our beneficiary AF3IRM as part of our Ray of Hope Walk to End Violence Against Women (ROHW). We also partner today on the Purple Rose Day Campaign to share love and commitments among our sisters. Sisters around the country are rising up. Will you join us? Continue Reading ››

Femicide Ends Here | AF3IRM National Statement for the Presidential Inauguration and Women’s March on Washington

The women of AF3IRM declare:   FEMICIDE ENDS HERE--ONWARD WITH THE FEMINIST AGENDA OF GENUINE LIBERATION AND FREEDOM FOR ALL! We’ve been clearly warned: we are in for more turbulent times.  But to Donald Trump and company we issue our own warning: you will cower in our fierce determination, in our deep resolve to create in ways never before seen, in forms that are sustainable and lasting, and which will inevitably destroy the world you’ve been trying to corral us in. As transnational women of color, as immigrants and children of immigrants, we know hatred … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM Statement for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

NATIONAL--We in AF3IRM are witnessing and experiencing the intensification of violence against women with the rise of global neo-fascism (the U.S. President-elect’s administration included) and we know that its roots are deeply entangled with a centuries-old ideology - the perceived patriarchal right to access women’s bodies. As we end of the 16 Days of Women’s Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we call on all to reject this belief, to refuse to submit to injustice, and to remain steadfast in the path to genuine liberation! As we look forward, we seek to bring attention to the dangerous role … Continue Reading ››

AF3IRM 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Calendar

November 25th - December 10th 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence 


Sunday, November 21st
New York | Asian Pacific Forum "Post-Elections Unscripted" - Interview with Ninotchka Rosca, Joan Ariete and Aree Worawongwasu  (Audio will be released soon)
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Thursday, November 24th
SF Bay Area | Indigenous People's Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz For more info, contact:

Friday, November 25th  SF Bay Area | Annual Shellmound Prayer & Protest Shellmound Street and Ohlone Way, Emeryville, CA For more info, contact:


Thursday, December 1st - Saturday, December 3rd New York | Films of/for the Faraway: A Fundraiser for Standing Rock (Film Screenings) 6:30pm to 9:00pm AJ Muste, … Continue Reading ››

From Where We Stand: AF3IRM Statement on the U.S. Presidential Elections

NATIONAL--The white supremacist, sexist, capitalist, and racist foundation on which the United States rests now has a new face: Donald Trump. On November 8th, 2016, the people of the United States - or rather the portion of its population afforded citizenship and who were not targeted for  disenfranchisement - took to the ballot. AF3IRM knew that regardless of the results, no matter how historic, the outcome of this election would end in a rallying cry.  From propositions to local and national representatives, votes were cast, the electoral college counts rolled in, and we were left with at least … Continue Reading ››