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AF3IRM on the Juan Thompson Affair

We received numerous inquiries from media outfits regarding the alleged use of bomb threats against various entities by Juan Thompson in his effort, according to authorities, to harass his former girl friend who happens to be a member of AF3IRM NYC.
We are honoring our sister’s choice to maintain her anonymity.  However, from our collective perspective, we have been appalled by the inordinate burden placed by the legal process upon a woman seeking relief from an abusive and/or dangerous situation with an intimate partner.  For months, we watched our sister go through a well-nigh unbearable situation of … Continue Reading ››

Join AF3IRM for International Women’s Day and Women’s Month!

We invite you to join AF3IRM for our events for International Women's Day and for the rest of Women's Month! We are proud to be able to present the International Women's Day March in Los Angeles for the third year in a row and to participate in the International Women's Strike. We will also have  a noise demo in solidarity with all immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area. See our calendar below for more information.

2017 International Women's Day and Women's Month Calendar

Wednesday, March 1st South Bay - Los Angeles (CA) | … Continue Reading ››

#FeministsFightFascism: AF3IRM NYC Statement for the Women’s March on Washington

Contact for more information
  NEW YORK CITY–In the tradition and legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, we march.  We march against incipient fascism; we march against misogyny; we march against racism and white supremacy; we march against exploitation and classism.  We march against a world order being imposed upon us – one that is extremely toxic to our physical, psychological, spiritual and communal well-being. In the tradition and legacy of the Iroquois women, we affirm our right to an equal share of … Continue Reading ››

Join the Ray of Hope Walk in Berkeley, Chicago and New York!

Join AF3IRM and Omega Phi Beta Sorority for the Ray of Hope Walk to End Violence Against Women on Saturday October 8th! The Ray of Hope Walk is an annual event hosted by chapters of Omega Phi Beta Sorority across the country. This year's walk will be taking place in Berkeley, Chicago, and New York. AF3IRM is honored to be chosen as this year's beneficiary of the Ray of Hope Walk. To register, visit: About the Ray of Hope Walk: The Ray of Hope Walk to End Violence Against Women (ROHW) was established by Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in direct response to … Continue Reading ››

We Are Everywhere: The Trafficking of Women and Girls

Trafficking happens right in our backyards. It takes many forms, including the trade in women and girls as slave labor or funneling them into the sex industry. With panelists from diverse fields of expertise, we will discuss what trafficking means, its root cause/s, and ways everyone can take action. For 17 years, AF3IRM’s Purple Rose Campaign has actively fought against the global sex trade and we understand that the tri-helix of class, gender, and race impacts women and girls of color most severely. Women and girls of color are most likely to be subject to the patriarchal right of sexual access … Continue Reading ››