AF3IRM to convene historic national gathering on the origins of feminism in the US and the future for women of color in the era of neo-fascism

NEW YORK– On Saturday, October 21, 2017, transnational feminist organization AF3IRM will host their summit at the Centre for Social Innovation in New York City. The groundbreaking gathering, “Center Shift Conference II – Roots and Routes: Understanding the Origins and Charting the Future of Feminism for Transnational Women of Color” (Roots and Routes), will celebrate AF3IRM’s 28th anniversary by convening hundreds of women-identified people from throughout North America to transform, build and lead the 4th wave of feminism. The conference continues the work and theory-building from the first Center Shift Conference that was held in NY in 2013 and 2014’s Women on the Wave Summit in Los Angeles, which both sought to organize a more inclusive and intersectional feminist future.

As Joan Ariete and Leani Auxilio, AF3IRM New York Chapter Coordinators, shared, “Through Roots and Routes, we aim to bring together our allies and accomplices to refocus the women’s movement toward centering concerns and issues of women of color and indigenous and transnational women; to enhance women of color leadership in deepening the theory and practice of feminism; and to build a common front of resistance among women of various identities.”

Roots and Routes seeks to examine and reclaim the roots and history of feminism in the United States, inspired by the original communal Iroquois Confederacy from which the concept of equality was drawn by pioneering feminists, and to lay the groundwork for the routes and further advances against patriarchy, imperialism and fascism, based on foundational feminist ideas, current movements, and needed conditions for genuine liberation.

“With the rise of global fascism, the wars waged by corporations in the fight for full control of the planet and its inhabitants, and the severe subjugation and genocide of womankind, now is the time for women to come together to coordinate our work, to dream up new realities, and to develop action plans for victory,” asserted AF3IRM National Chairperson Ivy Quicho as she urged women to attend. “Together, we are the feminist uprising. “

AF3IRM has deep roots that began in 1989 as GABNet. Since 2009, this grassroots organization has evolved into its current formation and grown to become a national organization of transnational, im/migrant women from various ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds. With a commitment to fighting against oppression in all its forms, AF3IRM engages in movement-building from within the United States, while building horizontal alliances across borders on issues that include immigrant rights, sex trafficking, sexual violence, and militarism.

Join AF3IRM on Saturday, October 21, 2017 for Roots and Routes as it continues its rich 28-year history of theory building, agitating, mobilizing, and organizing to gain genuine freedom for womankind. For more information, visit or register now at For interview opportunities or media inquiries, contact: [email protected] A list of speakers and participating organizations will be made available later and upon request.

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