AF3IRM hosts a night of music and liberation with Ana Tijoux, Shadia Mansour, Maya Jupiter and Ceci Bastida

LOS ANGELES–The women of AF3IRM are proud to present FREEDOM DREAMS: A Transnational Musical Dialogue, with intimate performances by Chilean emcee Ana Tijoux, the First Lady of Arab Hip Hop Shadia Mansour, Artivist Entertainment founder emcee Maya Jupiter, and Tijuana-born singer-songwriter Ceci Bastida. This Sunday, these dynamic performers will take to the stage in Los Angeles and also join in conversations around liberation and social justice.

This latest Freedom Dreams show  is part of AF3IRM’s strategy for genuine liberation. It builds off previous cultural productions, workshops, and events that have brought in local and international artists to expand on what liberation means, looks, and sounds like. Most recently, AF3IRM Los Angeles hosted Mansour, a London-born Palestinian singer and emcee, in conversation with Martha Gonzalez of Quetzal. These events are part of AF3IRM’s latest moves to push the boundaries of activism and to shift the trajectory of feminist and social justice movements and to center the experiences and visionary leadership of transnational, women of color.

As an anti-imperialist, transnational feminist organization, AF3IRM knows that women of color not only have the capacity but the duty to be the architects of liberation.  Its members collectively build and fight for these  visions for a new world and have turned to cultural producers and workers to help expand their imaginations and engage in new dialogues. Musicians and their music have been especially important – as they can creatively reflect and respond to history and the current political moment. AF3IRM has turned to many artists across borders not just for inspiration but to also continually connect the creativity and energy of art with the political as part of building a new feminist future.  

FREEDOM DREAMS  will take place on Sunday, May 28 at Zebulon LA at 2478 Fletcher Drive. DJ Francesca Harding (Soundwaves Radio) and DJ Beca G (Sessions LA) will also be performing. Presale tickets for the show are currently sold out, but tickets may be available for sale at the door on the day of the event. This show is presented by AF3IRM, with additional support provided by PAWA, SWANA-LA, and Iraqi Transnational Collective. 

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