Statement in Solidarity with Bangladesh Workers

Contact: AF3IRM NYC – [email protected]

NEW YORK CITY:   On this 2nd year commemoration of the tragic collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, wherein 1,100 men and women were killed and 2,000 injured, AF3IRM NYC sends its heartfelt sympathy for and militant solidarity with the families of those bearing this unconscionable loss and damage.

Since that day in 2012, despite statements to correct hazardous working conditions by corporations and government, more workers have perished – 150 more have died and nearly 900 injured in factory fires.

This unbearable relations with corporations who alleged themselves to be multi-national but are based in North America and England must end. Developed countries must cease transferring the burden of clothing, feed and maintaining their lifestyle and over-consumption on the backs of those in developing countries. We denounce these allegedly multi-national corporations for despoiling both natural and human resources of developing countries – for the sheer purposes of generating profits through relentless consumerism.

We denounce this exploitative partnership between a poor country and such multinational corporations which rests on the relentless exploitation and misery of the working class. And we denounce, most specially, the unspeakable fate destined for women workers in such an arrangement.

Women comprise 80% of Bangladesh’s 4.4 million garment workers – a testament to the impossible poverty and exploitation of proletarian women in the world today.

Six days hence, we will be celebrating International Labor Day, in the full knowledge of that the promise of a decent life with justice for the international proletariat has remained an illusion. There is no road to that promise of a life filled with possibilities but the road to dismantling global capitalism and imperialism.

Thank you for giving us the time and space to express our solidarity with the workers and women of Bangladesh. Together we will bring about a new world.

Long live the working class of Bangladesh!

Militant sisterhood with the women workers of Bangladesh!

Down with Imperialism.

End corporate control of the world.

A woman’s place is at the head of the struggle for the liberation of humanity!

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