AF3IRM Orange County and AF3IRM South Bay collaborate to present the 2016 Summer School for Women’s Activism

For Immediate Release Contact: Priscilla Moreno,  AF3IRM Orange County & Angel Bartolome AF3IRM South Bay 323-543-5872 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA--The AF3IRM chapters of Orange County and South Bay will be co-hosting the 2016 Summer School for Women’s Activism (SSoWA) in southern California. On four consecutive Saturdays, the school will be held from 9am to 12pm, with the first two in Carson and the last two sessions in Santa Ana. We invite you to join us in the reclaiming of our knowledge, challenge mainstream education and contributing to a collaborative vision for our collective liberations. Since 2011, AF3IRM Summer School … Continue Reading ››
AF3IRM OC Podcast

AF3IRM OC Podcast: “Mujeres de Las Maquiladoras”

NOW AVAILABLE! Orange County | Transnational Feminist Voices Podcast First Episode: “Mujeres de Las Maquiladoras” March 1, 2016 As part of our commitment to transnational feminism, AF3IRM Orange County discusses the femicides of Ciudad Juarez that began with NAFTA’s exploitation of Mexican labor. We seek to empower the voices of women of color who have risked their lives to fight for Juarez’s victims of trafficking and sexual violence. We are sharing this discussion with our community in support of AF3IRM’s Purple Rose Campaign – an international movement to stop the commodification of women and children’s bodies. RESOURCE LIST FOR THIS EPISODE Organizations … Continue Reading ››
Material Witness

We Are Everywhere: The Trafficking of Women and Girls

Trafficking happens right in our backyards. It takes many forms, including the trade in women and girls as slave labor or funneling them into the sex industry. With panelists from diverse fields of expertise, we will discuss what trafficking means, its root cause/s, and ways everyone can take action. For 17 years, AF3IRM’s Purple Rose Campaign has actively fought against the global sex trade and we understand that the tri-helix of class, gender, and race impacts women and girls of color most severely. Women and girls of color are most likely to be subject to the patriarchal right of sexual access … Continue Reading ››

Left Forum 2016 | Comfort Women: Asian Women Fight Back to Challenge History and Claim our Future

Lola Rosa Luna Henson. Lola Gertrude Balisalisa. Lola Tomosa Salinog. Lola Amonita Balajadia. Lola Anastacia Cortes. These are just some of the many names of Filipina comfort women whom survived the atrocity of military instituted sexual slavery, but also lived to fight and tell their story. AF3IRM’s Purple Rose Campaign is one that addresses the collective history of over 500 years of colonization and imperialism and its impact on the endemic sexual violence against, the commodification and the oppression of transnational and women and girls of color. We understand that the Japanese Imperial Army’s sexual enslavement of more than 200,000 Indonesian, … Continue Reading ››
AF3IRM May Day

May Day 2016: Demand a New World of Our Making

The women of AF3IRM salute all workers around the world this May Day! In a time of deep subjugation and exploitation as we witness the genocide of womankind in all its forms across borders, we come together on International Workers' Day to not only continue to repeat what we all know – that this capitalist patriarchal system is constructed to fail us, especially transnational/women of color – but to also push forward what it means to have our work truly valued and to work with dignity. We know that capitalism will never bring about collective liberation and that … Continue Reading ››

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